The Depression Files

Al Interviews Corey Dixon | Actor, Public Speaker & Mental Health Advocate

February 27, 2022

In this episode, Al interviews Corey Dixon, actor, public speaker, and mental health advocate (recorded 2-3-22). Corey talks about dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression since being bullied in school as a child. Hear how he was dragged outside of school by a classmate at one point and beat up on the school grounds.

As a young actor, perhaps based partially on jealousy, the bullying continued into high school. Corey eventually found some refuge by transferring to a different school. Through the alternative high school, and with the support of his father, Corey started an online radio station called 401 Radio. After high school, Corey continued with the radio station and his acting.

After acting in several commercials, Corey's break that got him recognized was having a part on an episode of Degrassi. However, in 2016, Corey had a tragic accident; a fall off a 30' cliff that nearly ended his life. After many surgeries and a year in a hospital and rehabilitation facility, Corey is getting back into acting. He's also now publicly sharing his story and advocating around mental health.

You can learn more about Corey by checking out his website at You'll also find him on Twitter and Instagram at coreydixon33 and on Facebook at coreydixon.

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