The Depression Files

Al Interviews Dr. Michael Weinstein | Acute Care Surgeon

August 26, 2018

In this episode, Al interviews Dr. Michael Weinstein, acute care surgeon (recorded 7-12-18). Realizing that he could no longer do the work of a surgeon due to the major depression he was suffering, Michael and his wife reached out to their family doctor, and close colleague, who convinced Michael to stop working in order to get help. Michael checked himself into an in-patient program for three months. Michael speaks candidly about being put into seclusion at one point and receiving more than ten sessions of Electric Convulsive Therapy (ECT).

Michael now shares his story publicly and is working at creating systems to better support the mental health of medical doctors. He has written about his own story in an article titled: Out of the Straitjacket and gives presentations on Surgeon Wellness, in which he discusses doctor burnout, the importance of self-care, and systems that promote the wellness of medical doctors. You can hear one of his presentations here.

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