The Depression Files

Al Interviews Dr. Sam Ko on the Topic of Ketamine

October 25, 2020

In this episode, Al interviews Dr. Sam Ko, Board Certified Emergency Physician and Medical Director of Reset Ketamine, on the topic of Ketamine (recorded 7-9-20). Dr. Ko talks about his own challenges of working as an emergency room doctor for just over two years and having reached a point of burn out.

After spending time traveling the world, studying yoga and meditation, and taking leadership courses, Dr. Ko was able to become rejuvenated and ponder the question, "What is something unique that I can do and offer to the world?". The insight that he came to was working with Ketamine.

Dr. Ko shares the history of Ketamine, as well as the typical and off-label uses of Ketamine. He describes the types of mental illnesses and other ailments for which he treats his patients with Ketamine. He then walks the listeners through the four stages of treatment that he uses in order to provide Ketamine infusion treatment.

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