The Depression Files

Al Interviews Lesley Moffat | Author, Classroom High School Band Teacher, Public Speaker, and Mom

December 26, 2021

In this episode, Al interviews Lesley Moffat, author, classroom high school band teacher, public speaker, and mom (recorded 11-17-21). Leslie shares her story of being an overwhelmed teacher and the consequences it had on her mental and physical health. After multiple surgeries, a regimen of fourteen different prescription medications a day, and dealing with depression, she decided she needed to make some serious life changes!

Hear how she learned to change her lifestyle through various means to improve both her mental and physical health. A teacher at heart, she has designed her own program to help people who find themselves chronically sick due to excess stress and exhaustion to reclaim their health so they can reclaim their lives.

Her current books include: I Love My Job, But It's Killing Me and Love the Job, Lose the Stress. You can find out more about Lesley and her work at

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