The Depression Files

Al Interviews Rene Mullen | Writer, Poet & Mental Health Advocate

June 3, 2018

In this episode, Al interviews writer, poet, and mental health advocate Rene Mullen (recorded 2-7-18). Rene describes a childhood of being bullied that eventually drove him to self-harm (cutting) while just a sixth grader. Rene also describes a messy breakup that his parents went through and his father's attempted suicide. After years of cutting and using alcohol to self-medicate, Rene finally found support while attending college. He eventually found poetry to be a venue that allowed him to unpack the issues of his past and to face reality.

Rene now writes, participates in Performance Poetry, and hosts his own podcast, Pen & Poet. You can find out much more about Rene, listen to the podcast, and check out his blog by going to In addition, you'll find Rene on Twitter @RMullenWriter and Facebook.

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