The Depression Files

Al Interviews Immanuel Jones | YouTuber, Certified Life Coach & Mental Health Advocate

February 9, 2020

In this episode, Al interviews Immanuel Jones, YouTuber, certified life coach, and mental health advocate (recorded 2-3-20). Immanuel believes he struggled with depression since elementary school. He always wondered why everybody else at school seemed happy and was able to have fun. Throughout much of middle school, Immanuel wanted to sleep and not wake up. It wasn't until high school that he realized there was an issue with his mental health. However, it wasn't until much later that he'd finally reach out for help.

Things got worse in college. Immanuel spiraled down after a breakup while interning in Italy his junior year. After drinking straight from a bottle, blacking out, and getting mugged, Immanuel barely made it back to the US. Heavy drugs and alcohol led to a second attempted suicide. He continued to mask his way through college and finally reached out for help after contemplating a third suicide attempt several years later.

After being treated for bipolar disorder for a year with little improvement, Immanuel was told by another psychiatrist that he had been misdiagnosed. He was recently given a new diagnosis of major depression and general anxiety disorder. With new medications and treatment, Immanuel has been improving and is now quite hopeful.

You can find out more about Immanuel and see his incredible, creative videos on his YouTube page. You'll also find his group on Facebook at DT Nation and his Depression Talks Podcast on Spotify. If you'd like to inquire about life coaching with Immanuel, you can email him at

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