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Al Interviews John Callas | Emmy-Nominated Hollywood Director, Writer, Producer & Author

May 29, 2022

In this episode, Al interviews John Callas, Emmy-nominated Hollywood director, writer, producer, and author. John talks about the incredible amount of trauma he endured as a child.

John's father died ten days after his third birthday. John describes how that was the start of everything falling apart. At age twelve John was sent away to military school and suffered physical abuse at the hands of his peers that was an accepted part of the school. He describes his three years of military as "absolute hell".

John shares these stories and much more, as well as how he was able to persevere and make his way to Hollywood.

Eventually, John decided to share his story in the hopes of helping others through their own struggles. John's memoir, When the Rain Stops, was published in April of 2021. You can find John on Twitter @johnpcallas learn much more about him on his website at

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