The Depression Files

Al Interviews Nick Jonsson | Keynote Speaker, Author & Co-Founder of EGN - An Executive Peer Network

October 30, 2022

In this episode, Al interviews Nick Jonsson, keynote speaker, author, and co-founder of Executives' Global Network (EGN)-Singapore, an executive peer network (recorded 9-19-22). Nick speaks of his own personal experience dealing with loneliness and depression as a top-level executive. In his case, alcohol was his outlet. His mental health struggles were accompanied by physical ailments.

Hear these stories and how Nick benefited from sharing his story with others who were struggling. Nick now shares is story publicly and in his memoir, "Executive Loneliness", in hopes of helping others. He also co-founded EGN-Singapore. This is a global peer network in which peers get to speak on the topic of mental health with one another, amongst many other topics driven by the peers themselves.

Find out more about Nick on his website at There, you can also locate several other social network platforms in which you will find Nick.

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