The Depression Files

Al Interviews Theodora Blanchfield on Receiving Ketamine Infusions

February 28, 2021

In this episode, Al interviews Theodora Blanchfield on the topic of receiving ketamine infusions (recorded 8-10-21). For the past five years or so, Theodora had been struggling with severe depression. In that time, she was hospitalized twice for suicidal ideation and spent six weeks at an in-patient program.

Her therapist then suggested ketamine. After a great deal of research, Theodora decided to give it a shot. She describes her first session in great detail and the immediate, positive impact it had on her. After an initial schedule of eight infusions in a two-week period, Theodora occasionally goes back for a 'bump'.

Theodora is a social media consultant, a writer, and a running coach. Check out some of her incredible writing and learn more about her at or at

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